CEO Message

No doubt Global economic crises has hit all the business sectors and even the strongest of the economies such as United States are facing a hard time. The Business of North America is moving to the other parts of the world. I believe that WE businessmen have the ability to overcome this Global crisis. We have to find new ways to facilitate the people with increasing varieties and decreasing production costs. After Every Dark Night A Bright Shining Day Comes So Please work hard and get ready for The New Shining Day

I feel proud to say that I have a team who believes in efforts and hard work, and I have no doubt on their management skills, capabilities, Sincerity to cope with all the challenges and that is why, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we have continued the expansion, revamping and diversification strategy and different projects are underway including Artificial Isoprene Rubber Project which is a new Technology developed by my Chinese partners Mr. Cao Bin Yu and Mr. Li Xinjiang.

Future Outlook

Despite one of the worst economic crisis in recent times, the economic indicators everywhere are suggesting that situation has changed and as a result overall business environment is likely to improve in future and will have positive effect on the world business. Regarding Emirates Group’s performance I am very sure that we will achieve our targets with the grace of Almighty Allah.


I am thankful to all the stakeholders for their continued trust and support on me.

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